Photo Courtesy Of  Mr. H. Eugene Cowger

Nothing is ended until it is forgotten. That which is held in memory still endures and is real. We are grateful for the records of the past,
which bring inspiration and courage. We are appreciative of the lessons taught by Memorials to events  and deeds of long ago.

We pray that our lives may always be patterned to give such devotion and service, as did our forefathers of this great Southland.

We the members of the Florida Division United Daughters of the Confederacy, dedicate
The Camp Captain Mooney Cemetery and Historic Marker in grateful recognition of the noble service of...

Captain Jesse E. Mooney
Saddler's Guard
Louisiana Militia

And to his men in unidentified graves number
Five, Thirteen, Fourteen, Twenty-six and Thirty

2nd Lt. William Mosley
3rd Florida Infantry
Company G

Corporal John T. Anderson

10th South Carolina Infantry
Company M

Private John A. Anderson
5th Florida Infantry
Company G

Private Louis W. Wamsley
8th Florida Infantry
Company K

Private Thomas Wamsley
3rd Florida Infantry
Company F

Not for fame or fortune;
Not for place or rank;
Not lured by ambition;
Or goaded by necessity;
But in simple Obedience to duty
As they understood it,
These men suffered all,
Sacrificed All
Dared all... and died.
Rev. Dr. Randolph McKim